Lee Scott & Hyroglifics

[gate clicks shut]

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From the rap brain that brought the world impenetrable classics like Nice Swan, Lee Scott now delivers his self-proclaimed “most least accessible work to date”. Following in the footsteps of Lee’s single producer collaborations, such as Friend, Come To Me And Be Saved, Stupid Poignant Sh!t & Butter Fly, [gate clicks shut] features Hyroglifics solely at the helm. As an artist more widely known for his drum n bass production, Hyroglific’s contribution is just one element that separates this album from the rest of the year’s releases.

Together they have forged an album that sounds like it could have been stashed away in the vault of some semi-obscure New York underground rap label c. 1998, only to be dug up again long after the already small window of opportunity had closed and then debated over ad nauseam by abstract rap blogs, until it finally found the meagre but die-hard clique of fans it should have amassed two decades earlier.

Limited edition black vinyl w/ 8 page lyric book and printed inner sleeves.

a1. tale of the tape (intro)

a2. the humble annihilation of self

a3. tatooine dreams

a4. guy savelli ft. King Grubb

a5. beanio ft. Bigg Jus (formerly of Company Flow)

a6. exenterate (lawd willin)

a7. goat infestation skit

a8. sacrificial goat ft. Black Josh

b9. the sky’s in the way

b10. simple simonism

b11. constructive criticism skit

b12. all on tick ft. Väike Pd

b13. bonus money

b14. inner ramblings

b15. crazy Ivan ft. Clbrks & BeTheGun

b16. a most difficult path

b17. ease em out, matt


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