Songs From The Sea's Edge

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Kista returns from a long hiatus with his first ever all instrumental LP.

Songs From The Seas Edge takes us on a journey into the mind of producer and graffiti writer Kista.

It’s an album where all his early influences or things that intrigued him, all come together, his love for sci-fi movies, hip hop, 80’s arcade games, John Carpenter soundtracks and films (you will notice a few vocal samples from his films nestled away among the songs) and many other things that influenced him growing up as a kid.

In a world now dominated by playlists and the digital age, Kista took a step back to try and make an album that all fitted together, a concept album based around living on the coast as a kid in the 80’s.
“I started going through samples i put aside years ago and started to go back to them, to try and make them all fit and blend together to form an instrumental album”.

“It’s kind of hard to explain where Songs From The Sea’s Edge fits to my previous work” explains Kista
“I wanted to make something for myself that I could then share, a journey, something to listen to from start to finish, with certain samples making an appearance in more than just one track.

Songs From The Sea’s Edge has an hypnotic and haunting synergy to it, it’s atmospheric, melodic, but is still firmly rooted in Kista’s love for Hip Hop.

Press play and enjoy.

a1. Transmitting (Intro)

a2. Songs From The Sea’s Edge

a3. End Credits

a4. Return To White Nab

a5. Long Way Home

a6. Contrast Cafe

a7. Channeling 1

b1. Equinox

b2. Sacred Sands

b3. Echo In Transmitter

b4. Spectrum

b5. Channeling 2

b6. Walking Through Sonar

b7. End Credits (Stantons Reprise)


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