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Spektrum (Special Edition)

Million Dappa Records
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A warehouse find! Bad boy lyricist Mike J outta Demon Boyz original Million Dappa Dan Man, here with his solo album Spektrum, the extended edition. Not only a hefty line up of guests and bonus tracks, but an extra DVD housing nuffff music videos, shows, interviews, launch parties, behind the scenes footage and more!

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01. Intro Ference

02. Mic Chek

03. Spektrum Ride

04. Inner City Got Plenty Cases

05. Futuristic

06. Acceleration ft. Niambi

07. Dogz N Sledgez Refreshments Interlude

08. Dogz N Sledgez

09. Lambada ft. Ralph Dog

10. Go In ft. Dynamite MC, K.Ners & MCD

11. Scream Out

12. New Military ft. Assassin, Bounty Killer & Sizzla

13. Boomblaast ft. Demolition Man

14. Pull Up Remix

15. Fire N Burn ft. Namusoke

16. Hip Hop U Don’t Stop / Reggae Music U Don’t Quit

17. Glimity Glamity ft. Demon D

Special Bonus Tracks

18. Make A Million

19. Bring The Reign

20. Outro Ference


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