Crimzon Ink

5150 Gallow Hill

Dental Rekords

Raw and uncut boom bap stylin’ from Crimzon Ink, a no holds barred power packed Hip Hop assault featuring production from Crimzon Ink himself, Crink, Techone, DJ Pryzmat, Spook & Delivery Room. Vivid imagery delivered with the hardest beats and bars, no fakin’. Get busy.

01. Retrorsum (Skit)

02. 5150

03. Down

04. Up

05. Beauty In The Pain

06. Wyle Out!

07. The Archaic Revival (Skit)

08. Who Are You?

09. Achmed

10. Amelia

11. Dr Scarface

12. Self Destruct Button

13. Ohh Dee

14. Hold Up

15. Cold Barz

16. Start Where You Stand

17. Hill Billy Boy

18. The Firmament (Skit)

19. Augmented Reality


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