M.S.I & Asylum

M.S.I & Asylum

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Straight outta Handsworth, Birmingham… M.S.I aka Microphone Stranglerz Inc. aka Lord Laing, Ranx, Winter, Ravage, Tactic & DJ Casualty, combined with ASYLUM aka Another pSycho Yout Livin Unda Madshit aka Charles Moopowe & STR8 Jack-It Bandit.

Quite possibly one of the most underated crews and albums this country has ever produced, from the start to the end this self titled long player (their second album released in 1999) is outstanding, the skits to the full tracks, everyone a winner, coming like the UK’s version of Wu Tang, nuff said.

(2nd hand, very good+ condition cd & cover, which is signed by Lord Laing & Charles Moopowe, only 1 copy in stock)

01. Intro

02. War

03. Hang ‘Em High

04. Pub 1

05. Sex

06. Bedroom Rappers

07. Mix & Blend

08. Temple Of Ignorence

09. Pub 2

10. Cheated

11. Northernly Wind ft. Mr. 45 & Rodney P

12. Pub 3

13. I

14. Freedom

15. It’s Time

16. Little Miss

17. Mindless Bastards

18. Outside Pub


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