A Fleeting Now

Group Bracil
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Morriachi laces us with a fresh release he’s mixed and mastered from his Group Bracil label… Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Capriisun has been carving his own pocket of rap for a while now. He may go under the radar of the average Griselda fan but C’s name is a familiar one in international rap circles.

Capriisun has a unique global audience that spans far beyond his Oregon hometown. Hard to pin down in terms of East Coast or West Coast, C’s inability to be boxed in has helped him become one of the most recognisable voices in the fanatical scene of underground hip-hop across Europe.

A Fleeting Now is the sound of an MC truly in their comfort zone. Capriisun owns every guitar lick and piano key, allowing mellow pastel backdrops from the likes of Omar Bmar and Nine Two to illuminate his dextrous and ruminative wordplay.

A1. Going

A2. Forture

A3. Brittany

A4. Celeste

A5. Aperal Spritz

A6. The Take

B1. Lilac

B2. Vision After The Sermon

B3. Swirl

B4. Shimmer

B5. Frieze

B6. Nightfall


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