A New Leaf

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From the gardens of London there comes a calm and reflected album about living life in modern society. Sometimes you have to endure it and Say Nothing, on the other hand you have to stand up for your Artform. These differences are delivered on timeless lo-fi beats with Benaddicts’ ill British accent and old school flavoured cuts throughout. So dive into the clouds and enjoy the Rainbow Coloured Weather this record will create around you.

Added vocal support on this extraordinary piece of work comes from Awfer, Ella Mae Sueref and Looms, with the beats split 50/50 by Ded Tebiase and Benaddict himself.

A1. Thrive

A2. Say Nothing

A3. Worlds Apart

A4. Artform

A5. None Of My Business

A6. Stay Up! ft. Awfer

B1. Caught Up In A Tight Situation ft. Ella Mae Sueref

B2. Rainbow Coloured Weather

B3. Strange Plants ft. Looms

B4. Keep Slight/Move Strong

B5. The Garden Of England


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