An Ode To Joey Deez

Village Live Records
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A tribute album to celebrate the life of Village Live Records co-founder Joey Deez

Aver created the first draft of the album between finding out about Joey’s passing and attending his funeral. He arranged musical collages out of voice messages and breaks he and Joey had sent one another alongside previously unreleased material he made during lockdown with Doron Segal. The process initially served as a form of musical therapy, but after completing it and sharing it with a few friends, Aver realised that it might also bring joy to other people that knew Joey, as well as introducing those that didn’t to the lovely ginger fellow behind Village Live.

The finished album features cuts by Jazz T, Evil Ed and Omas, as well as additional voice messages donated by Kuartz and Matt Smith. Mr. Krum has done all the design work for the the booklet and the gatefold cover, which features a photo-collage by Aver of the Aroe piece outside Rarekind Records, as well as the huge blockbuster at Black Rock, Brighton.


Available on ltd gatefold vinyl, with 12-page memorial booklet.

A1. Things Cut Short

A2. The Windmill

A3. Phone Breaks Pt.1

A4. Teufelsberg

A5. Piggies Can’t Catch Swine

A6. Music To Be Hungover To

A7. Phone Breaks Pt.2

B1. Prick

B2. It Ain’t Easy Being Deezy

B3. Generic Hip Hop Beat

B4. Mate

B5. Ginger Ghost

B6. A Joe Shaped Void

B7. Phone Breaks Pt.3

B8. Voice Message


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