Auditory Vision


Blam, what an album, the debut from East London emcee/producer Parallax coming fully locked, loaded and correct with the greatness. Overall lyrical content, delivery and beats are so on point throughout the whole set and sound here. Guests include Dilated Peoples emcee Rakaa Iriscience, C.A.M, Phoenix Da Icefire & Lydia O. Plus production onboard coming from Parallax himself, DJ Nappa, Profound Beats, Ded Tebiase, B.B.Z Darney, Roeg Du Casq, Wickstarr & Fredo.

Comes with a free Parallax logo sticker + front cover artwork sticker.

01. Set The Vibe Right

02. Round & Round ft. Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples)

03. For My People

04. Reminiscing ft. C.A.M

05. All Mine

06. The Climb

07. In Doubt For Too Long

08. Ego (Skit)

09. City Night Cinema ft. Phoenix Da Icefire & Lydia O

10. The Saga Continues

11. Highs

12. Coming Back

13. Where Is The Love (Skit)

14. Under Pressure ft. Tiece

15. Jane

16. Final Thoughts (Skit)


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