Children Of Zeus


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The Children Of Zeus duo Konny Kon & Tyler Daley continue on their quest for world takeover, here on their second album Balance they do just that. Another step up taking their homegrown brand of big people music to the masses. Modern day street soul spiced with a sprinkling of hip hop, r&b, lovers rock and more, all smoothed out with buttah verse and rhyme. Producers alongside themselves include Beat Butcha & Cay Caleb, plus guest vocalists Akemi Fox & Georgie Sweet.

01. Sunrise

02. No Love Song

03. I Know

04. Be Someone

05. I Need You

06. Nice & Sweet

07. Balance ft. Akemi Fox & Georgie Sweet

08. Cali Dreams

09. 42Long

10. The Most Humblest Of All Time, Ever

11. What I’m Seeing

12. Love Again

13. Sunset


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