Tuff Boyz

Bat Night

Revorg Records

South London’s finest Revorg Records return with a kick ass release from the Tuff Boyz aka Strange Neighbour & Big Toast on the mic, fully produced by Oliver Sudden, with added pressure from Tizer. You’re also treated to guest spots from Mud Family legend M.O.N.G.O, CNT’s Manage, MNSR Frites & Gee Bag. It’s a night out, but with bangin’ beats and rhymes, oh, and bats.

(Limited copies in stock)

01. Bat Night

02. BBQ Fox ft. M.O.N.G.O

03. Back / Tuff Boy Workout

04. Window Pain Of Glass ft. Manage

05. Lager Than Life

06. No!

07. Strange Bag Of Toasted Chips ft. Mnsr Frites & Gee Bag

08. Purpleman (Outro)


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