Da Flyy Hooligan

Ben Kingsley (The Ray Winstone Saga)

Gourmet Deluxxx

Da Flyy Hooligan returns with the impeccable set and sound of Ben Kingsley (The Ray Winstone Saga), entirely produced by Micall Parknsun, with added flavour on Da Nyycest from Beat Butcha, plus cuts from Jazz T, Evil Ed & Harmz, and guest emcees D.V. Alias Khryst & Dom Pachino ya know! Outstanding. Great skits after each track too ; )

A limited CD pressing of only 100 copies.

01. Don Logan

02. Da Nyycest

03. Bar Of Soap

04. Gourmet Trap

05. Ian McShane

06. My Cousins Keeper ft. Hooliyo Iglaciers

07. Model 500

08. Pile Driver ft D.V. Alias Khryst

09. Wu Baby III ft. Dom Pachino of Killa Army

10. Tape Decc

11. Royal Oak

12. Jacky Tig Bitts


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