Billy Green Is Dead

Ynr Productions

Inspired by Gil Scott-Heron’s song of the same name, Jehst’s ambitious Billy Green Is Dead album follows fictional everyman character Billy Green on his solitary journey through an uncaring, individualistic world. Lead track 44th Floor – produced by Doctor Zygote of Strange U – comes midway through the record’s narrative arc and finds protagonist Billy at breaking point; “feeling like my life’s a major fail, standing on the platform waiting for British Rail”. A healthy dose of realism flows throughout the whole set, with Jehst’s razor sharp commentary on current life and times complimented by the production onboard.

The record is executive produced by Beat Butcha and features production from Jehst himself, Paul White, Beat Butcha, Zygote, Jyager, Beatnick Dee & DJ Finyl, plus guest vocals by Kashmere (Strange U), Confucius MC, Jyager, Olah Bliss, Eric Biddines and Ennio Lion, plus cuts from Mr Thing.

(Jewel case cd with a full colour 9 page booklet)

01. Billy’s Green Theme

02. So Far To Go

03. Good Robot

04. Kennedy ft. Confucius MC

05. Household Name ft. Jyager

06. 44th Floor

07. City Streets

08. Set In Stone ft. Olah Bliss

09. Smoke Screen ft. Ennio Lion & Mr Thing

10. Jonestown ft. Eric Biddines & Strange U

11. Eulogy

12. Remembrance

13. Billy Green Is Alive! ft. Jyager & Confucius MC


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