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We Stay True
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This one has been a long time coming but We Stay True are excited to finally bring you the debut album from Joe Cain Biorhythms.

Joe has been making great music for years and is better known as being one of the founding members of the cult North London production team Armed Dukes, so you may already be well aware of his ‘Calibre’ of production. With three Armed Dukes albums under their belt (with Joe contributing a large portion of the material) and a handful of production credits, this is his first full length outing as a solo artist and it more than lives up to expectations.

Joe’s highly crafted and intricate beats sound effortless to the ear and his unique approach to the traditional ‘boom bap’ sound sets his music apart from the rest. Joe is a purist in his approach to production, shunning many modern techniques and making everything out of the box with hardwear samplers, out board gear, vinyl and instruments. The 20 tracks on the album really showcase Joe’s diverse production styles while at the same time not straying too far off track.

A sure fire album for fans of Armed Dukes and the We Stay True imprint as a whole aswell as anyone that likes well crafted instrumental beats. Biorhythms is fantastic addition to their growing discography and will be a welcome addition to your record collection.

A1. Intro

A2. Tritonic

A3. Speemax

A4. Interlude

A5. Pattern Up

A6. Nex Skit

A7. Metamorphosis

A8. Cycles

A9. 83

A10. Paxin

B11. Analogue Petrol

B12. Reprise

B13. Deja Vu

B14. Clocked

B15. Intermission

B16. One Two

B17. Nottingwood

B18. Hot Knives

B19. Sketch

B20. Limitations


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