Mistah Bohze

Blastoid Mcgonagle

Southside Deluxe

Limited edition digipack version of Mistah Bohze’s debut solo album, a 14 tracker with enough weight in b-boyism to sink a whole battalion, this sounds like it was created in 1989, for a 2012 audience. Absolute fire throughout this release, pure style an’ fashion from the legendary Bohze right here. Features also include Epik, Loki, Psycho D, Pints, Wee Rabb, Dan Bungladors and fellow II Tone emcee Mister Defy… do not sleep ‘pon it.

01. Glasgow Hip Hop

02. Boy From Outer Space

03. Per Annum

04. Oppositional Thing -Feat.Psycho D

05. Foreground Inspiration

06. Winter Shutdown Exhibit A1 -Feat.Noize Creator Epik

07. Dizzy Timing

08. Space Bhoy Ahoy

09. Soul U Gotz?

10. Quiet Storm -Feat.Noize Creator Epik

11. Landfill

12. A Lot Of Emcees -Feat.Loki

13. Archestrah

14. Winter Shutdown Exhibit C3 -Feat.Noize Creator Epik, Pints, Wee Rabb, Psycho D, Dan Bungladors & Mister Defy


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