Babylon Dead

Book Of The Dead

Real Life Drama Records

In comes Jman & Illinformed for another Babylon Dead long player, highlighting the current babylonian lies and atrocities against the civilian population, amongst many other real life drama’s we all live and breathe, Book Of The Dead hits home base from start to the finish.

In amongst the massive set and sound that Illinformed has created for Jman to spread his verbal dexterity and rapid fire flung lyrical ability over, come special guest shotters Killa P, Jamalski, Badness, Daddy Freddy, Rider Shafique, Warrior Queen, Irah & Devilman.

(Limited edition tape)

A1. Babylon ft. Rider Shafique


A3. The Underworld

A4. Nineteen84

A5. Burning ft. Daddy Freddy & Jamalski

A6. This Likkle Piggy

A7. Resistance

A8. Shellings ft. Killa P

A9. Revenga

B10. Book Of The Dead

B11. Fxcked ft. Warrior Queen

B12. Revolting

B13. That’s BD

B14. Bun Brexit ft. Irah

B15. Ransom

B16. Hung, Drawn & Quartered

B17. Finished ft. Devilman & Badness

B18. Dead ft. Rider Shafique


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