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London Zoo unleash a dope set right here, nothing but flavour from the start to the finish. They consistantly bring the good vibes with them when rocking a show and have managed to bring the madness they deliver on stage onto this full length album, truly outstanding material with a sick line up of guests too, don’t sleep.

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01. Frosty Intro -Feat.Danny Breaks

02. You Don’t Know Me -Feat.Ann-Marie Lataille

03. Eediot

04. 8 Bar Grind -Feat.Verbal, Stig Of The Dump, Dubbledge, Pringle, Ill Legit, Illaman, Orifice Vulgatron & Taskforce

05. What’s Goin On

06. Why Don’t They Like Me -Feat.Formula

07. Lookout -Feat.Ill Legit

08. The Gig (Skit) -Feat.Joe Joyce

09. Ghetto Blasters -Feat.Philly B & Dubbledge

10. Easy -Feat.Dr Syntax

11. How To Mc -Feat.Philly B

12. Monster V’S Nutter -Feat.Matta

13. Get Up And Go

14. On The Spot

15. Tear Da Roof Off -Feat.Jabba Tha Kut & Stig Of The Dump

16. What You On -Feat.Philly B & King Kaiow

17. Wank Material -Feat.Stig Of The Dump

18. Money -Feat.Dubbledge & Mention

19. Curry House

20. Annoying Friend (Skit) -Feat.Jonny Bastonio

21. Gypo Music

22. Blows My Mind

23. Lift It Up Remix -Feat.Son Of Light & Tommy Tee

24. Life Goes On -Feat.Secret Other Family


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