Brand New Second Hand

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Roots Manuva’s 1999 debut album, which was one of the few late 90s releases that amongst others marked the beginning of a new generation of UK Hip Hop. Brand New Second Hand branded the Brigadier internationally as one of the few British Hip Hop talents recognized overseas, helping him sell big units worldwide.

01. Movements

02. Dem Phonies ft. I.G. Culture

03. Juggle Tings Proper

04. Inna

05. Soul Decay

06. Baptism ft. Wildflower

07. Strange Behaviour

08. Organ Skit

09. Big Tings Gwidarn ft. Seanie T

10. Sinking Sands ft. Sober Now

11. Wisdom Fall ft. Teki

12. Roots-Fi Discotek Skit

13. Clockwork

14. Cornmeal Dumpling ft. Thomas E

15. Fever

16. Oh Yeah…

17. Motion 5000


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