Tom Caruana

Brewing Up

Tea Sea Records
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Producer don dada Tom Caruana gets fully busy Brewing Up right here, stiring a melting pot of beats to perfection and adding a sprinkling of emcee flavour from the likes of Micall Parknsun, Ric Branson, M9, Skriblah, Sonnyjim, Genesis Elijah and multiple others, all riding beats from some of Caruana’s classic remix albums such as Black Gold and An Adventure to Pepperland as well as beats exclusive to this album. Proper vibes throughout, massive homegrown business this.

Green Tea coloured vinyl pressing.

A1. The Whip ft. Kosyne

A2. You Look Nice ft. Scor-zay-zee & Jabbthakut

A3. On It ft. Micall Parknsun & Fidel Cutstro

A4. Master Builders ft. M9, Skriblah, Jazz T & DJ Nonames

A5. Killing It ft. Scor-zay-zee, Genesis Elijah & Amy True

A6. Ham For Leather ft. Rup

A7. I Try ft. Ric Branson

B1. Acting Thinking Feeling ft. Juga-Naut & DJ Nonames

B2. Laurent Perrier ft. Sonnyjim & DJ Nonames

B3. Papa Lazarou ft. Lunar C

B4. Also ft. Skuff

B5. Entre ft. Teach Em

B6. Growing Pains ft. MysDiggi

B7. Lost and Found ft. Essa


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