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Gohan Tapes

Cuth makes beats.

He made these beats.

His first-ever beat tape. Put together over the course of the summer and autumn of 2017 using budget samplers from the late 90’s/early 2000’s and a stack of weird and wonderful, dust-riddled records to ensure the rawest sound.

Polish, sheen and high-fidelity sound have been thrown from the fifteenth storey window. These are 19 monolithic bangers cast in raw concrete with the aggregate exposed.


A1. Brutalism Intro

A2. Concrete Dreams

A3. Get Home

A4. Once Again

A5. No More Tears

A6. Concrete Playground

A7. Another Chancer

A8. So Real

A9. Caged Wisdom

A10. Walked Away

B1. R.A.W

B2. Astounding Beauty

B3. Evil Things

B4. I.Am.Poison

B5. Towerblock Romance

B6. The Girl I Left Behind

B7. …And You’re Gone

B8. Stealing Kisses

B9. Stay For A Little While

B10. Long Road Goodbye


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