Buggzville Sessions

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Sheffield producer Morriarchi unleashes a dark and dusty mindfield of beats for the likes of Jehst, Black Josh, Lee Scott, Trellion, Bisk, Stinkin Slumrok, Hekla, Salar, Sleazy F Baby, Joe Dirt, Danny Lover, Bill Shakes, Herrotics, Bisk, Children Of The Damned and Rox Slicken to run some rugged low slung blunted skills over. Best get your insect repellent handy, this pesky gang with have you itching for days.

01. Melancholy Bug

02. Hush Ya Beak Ft. Rox Slicken

03. Canary Ft. Black Josh & Stinkin Slumrok

04. Campbell & Algar Ft. Jehst & Lee Scott

05. Roach Lyfe Ft. Hekla & Joe Dirt

06. Pimpfunk (Remix) Ft. Bisk

07. Buggzville Ft. Trellion & Sniff

08. Lean Lungies Ft. Frost

09. Flavainherear Ft. Salar, Black Josh & Sleazy F Baby

10. Kapcha Ft. Danny Lover

11. Murgh Ft. Sniff, Black Josh & Bill Shakes

12. Laa La Ft. Sniff, Stinkin Slumrok & Danny Lover

13. Fed Up Ft. Herrotics

14. No Phone Calls Ft. Bisk

Bonus Cd Track :

15. Stinky Posse (Remix) Ft. Cotd


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