Bronze Nazareth & Leaf Dog

Bundle Raps

Real Life Drama Records

Leaf Dog casually rolls up with Bronze Nazareth and drops this ill album Bundle Raps, eleven joints produced by Leaf, four handled by Bronze. Proper. Guests Kevlaar 7, BVA, Illah Dayz, June Megalodon, Lord Jessiah & Recognize Ali also feature. Don’t sleep yo.

01. Think Carefully (Intro)

02. Theatre Speak ft. Kevlaar 7

03. It’s On ft. Leaf Dog

04. Madman ft. Recognize Ali

05. Wise Wakening (Interlude)

06. The War On Us

07. Lisbon Dinners

08. Burnt Leaf (Interlude)

09. Get It Myself

10. Lyrical Wars ft. BVA & Leaf Dog

11. The Deranged ft. Illah Dayz, June Megalodon & Lord Jessiah

12. Grime Lords ft. June Megalodon

13. J My Man!

14. The Immaculate

15. No Turning Back (Outro)


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