Ocean Wisdom

Chaos 93'

High Focus Records

High Focus Records is proud to present Ocean Wisdom’s full length 17 track debut album Chaos 93′. The album is fully produced by Dirty Dike and boasts an amazing array of features from Foreign Beggars, Klashnekoff, The Four Owls, Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Lunar C, Edward Scissortongue & Remus! This album is set to be a bench mark in Hip Hop and break ground the world over! Wisdom fully reps with flow and style for days, and his rhyme patterns and content fit Dike’s beats so well, each guest onboard also lays it down in fine style, smashing the set.

CD comes in a shrink wrapped jewel case with full-color lyric booklet.

01. Walkin’

02. Splittin’ The Racket

03. Snakes & Blaggers

04. High Street

05. Gone Ft. Lunar C

06. Devilish Ft. Klashnekoff

07. Doolally Ft. Foreign Beggars

08. Freeze Ft. Dirty Dike & Edward Scissortongue

09. Mazin’ Hazin’

10. O Kiddi K Ft. Remus

11. Imaginary

12. One Take

13. Heskey

14. 4u Ft. Jam Baxter

15. Real Smooth Ft. The Four Owls

16. W.A.Y.D

17. Jungle


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