Ill Move Sporadic & Tenchoo

Chaos Black

Starch Records
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Blimey riley… crashing into 2022, Chaos Black sees IMS (Ben81 & Oneboss) once again bring their trademark ‘Dring’ sound – a perfect backdrop of raw beats, bleak keys and dirty bass lines for Tenchoo’s notorious and vicious vocal delivery. A supreme soundclash of styles from all onboard, do not miss this! It also features a guest appearance from Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods.

A1. Amulet Chamber

A2. Black & White (Skit)

A3. Zero Gravity

A4. Power Holderz

A5. Pirates ft. Jason Williamson

B6. Black Jacks

B7. Warp 2023

B8. Infinity

B9. Come Off My Line


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