Popcorn / Pieces Will Align

AE Productions
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A new project from Norwich Hip Hop artist Chrome. Chrome+ (Chrome Plus) is a 4 man project consisting of Chrome (Rhymes) DJ Super JB (beats and cuts) Phil Critten (Guitar and backing vocals) & Tom Hanna (Bass guitar). This new single Popcorn is the lead single to the forthcoming LP on Bristol based record label AE Productions. The A side is produced by DJar One and the B side is produced by Stevie Ebola.

Popcorn gives a great idea of what to expect from the album with plenty of ducking and diving old-school hip hop beats, funky bass and some mad scratching as turbo-charged rhymes come up top. While Pieces Will Align slows it down and offers a more deep-cut sound.

A. Popcorn

B. Pieces Will Align


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