Son Of Sam

Cinder Hill

Tea Sea Records

An incredible release from Son Of Sam, a killer live band consisting of Tom Caruana, John & Joe Sam and Richard Halligan. Here they drop the boom bap band bomb on a whole bunch of ill emcees, the line up is nuts, the music they’ve created is nuts. It’s live Hip Hop like you’ve never heard it before. We love this.

01. Intro ft. John Robinson

02. Continuation ft. J-Live

03. Across The Bridge ft. Sadat X & El Da Sensei

04. Trees For The Jungle ft. The Black Opera & Sabira Jade

05. Malt Liquor ft. Guilty Simpson & Fat Ray

06. Put It On Ya ft. Soundsci & Mr Thing

07. Fighting Talk ft. Lifford & Blaise B

08. Flying Fist ft. Prince Po

09. Deep Breath ft. Jamall Bufford

10. Moose Python ft. Dumbtron

11. Coastin’ ft. John Robinson

12. Soothsayers ft. The Black Opera

13. System Animal ft. Denmark Vessey

14. The Life & Death Of Phenomenal Don ft. Quelle Chris

15. Come A Long Way ft. Masta Ace & Large Pro

16. Forward March ft. Oxygen & 7even Thirty

17. That’s Facts ft. Edo G, John Robinson, Prince Po, U-George, Audessey, Oxygen, Reks, Yu & Denmark Vessey


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