Phoenix Da Icefire & The Strange Neighbour


Revorg Records
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Big Revorg Records release right here, smashing it once again with a joint collabo flex from Phoenix Da Icefire alongside a set of Strange Neighbour beats. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, maybe a massive posse cut, and two stateside emcee legends onboard too. Yep, they got you.

a1. The Kiosk (Intro)

a2. Cinematic

a3. Blood Money Ft. Kevlaar 7

a4. Spaghetti Western

b5. Stuntman

b6. Monarch Ft. Copywrite

b7. Expendables Ft. Manage, eMCee Killa, Teslas Ghost, Da Flyy Hooligan, Genesis Elijah, Big Cakes, Logic, Fliptrix, Verb T, Mic Assassin, Big Toast, Jack Diggs, Kyza & Cappo

c8. Blue Movie

c9. Chick Flick

c10. London Hollywood

c11. Psychological Thriller

d12. Kung-Fu Salute

d13. Phoenix Da Icefire vs The Strange Neighbour

d14. Behind The Spotlight Ft. Skriblah DanGogh

d15. Curtains Close (Outro)


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