Doc Brown

Citizen Smith Vol.1

Poisonous Productions/Bust A Gut

Doc Brown’s first release, a 20 track mix CD that came out at the end of 2004, featuring beats by Evil Ed, Sway, DJ Snips, Nutty P, Budgie, The Sea, JC, Sivey & Kid Freeky. It was also features the first appearance of Lowkey, early work from Sway & Pyrelli, plus the rest of Brown’s infamous Poisonous Poets crew. There’s some great tracks on here, some of which ended up being released on 12″, In My Life & Lowkey’s Politics for instance, plus there’s the remix to Mad World with Lowkey.

01. Intro Ft. Dj Inka

02. Welcome Home

03. Live From Tehran (Skit) Ft. Reveal

04. All That Ft. Tony D & Therapist

05. It’s On Ft. Tony D

06. Danger

07. Freestyle Skit Ft. Mr Ti2bs

08. Italian Swagger

09. 1xtra Live At 10.45am Skit Ft. Letitia Of Radio 1

10. In My Life

11. This Goes Out Ft. Antoine Stone

12. Freestyle Skit Ft. Yungun & Lowkey

13. Mad World (Remix) Ft. Lowkey

14. Politics – By Lowkey

15. Decisions, Decisions

16. We Know Ft. Luc Skyz

17. Fallin’ Ft. Pyrelli

18. The Greatest – By Luc Skyz

19. On My Ends

20. Memories, Mindgames & Migraines


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