Colour Point

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Two years in the making and with an evolved and developed style Simiah is back with his second full length LP Colour Point.

With a deep connection between colour and music, Simiah has crafted this 20 track neck snapping instrumental LP that flows from track to track with a very fitting theme and narrative. With layered samples, intricate chops and hard knocking drums, Simiah once again proves he’s a unique talent and someone to firmly keep your eyes on.

Arranged, mixed and mastered by Simiah & Mr Brown and with original artwork by Bee Graphics.

A1. The Mind

A2. Plays Tricks

A3. Words

A4. Open

A5. My Path

A6. To A New Light

A7. Green Right

A8. In The Sunshine

A9. With The Golden Age

A10. Vibrations

A11. Will Heal You

A12. From The Past

B1. Deep Inside

B2. My Soul

B3. Magic

B4. Star Shine

B5. Spirit

B6. Colours

B7. Shall Glow

B8. Forever In My Vision

B9. Enjoy The Ride

B10. Till Next Time


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