Problem Child

Confessions Of A Normal Human Being

Potent Funk Records

Next level nextness from the Problem Child crew and their debut album Confessions Of A Normal Human Being. Big gully runnings with producer Sumgii pulling out the punches to deliver some fire of the highest degree, whilst emcees Dabbla, Illaman & Dubbledge do what they do so best, such a wicked combination together. Can’t big this up enough, classic status.

(Duel case cd with 8 page booklet)

01. Energy

02. Confessions Of A Normal Human Being

03. Fireman Sam

04. Fully Fledged

05. Sleeping

06. Sheep

07. Woddle

08. All Day Long

09. 7 Days

10. Eat That

11. Ever Seen A Problem Child

12. Colourblind

13. Skank

14. UFO

15. Quickting

16. Your Estates Dead

+ Hidden Track


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