Correct English

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Bristol’s Aspects crew and their debut album Correct English from 2001, made up of core members, El Eye, Probe Mantis & Bubber Loui on the mic, producer Specify & DJ Nu Balance. Dope west country runnings.

(2nd hand, very good+ condition double vinyl, very good condition inner and outer picture sleeves, only 1 copy in stock)

A1. Correct English

A2. Top Choice

A3. We Get Fowl

A4. Adverse Curves

A5. Groovy Baby

B1. Psychoboogie

B2. My Genre

B3. Intrigue

B4. Specify In Love

C1. Kronos Device

C2. Witchcraft

C3. Scary Lesson

C4. Bristol Fingers

D1. Best Music

D2. Here We Go

D3. ‘Ects Factor

D4. Lost Soul


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