Crimes Against Creation

High Focus Records

High Focus Records is proud to present Crimes Against Creation a brand new album from Coops, entirely produced by long time collaborator Talos.

The 8-track project – which was made in just 4 studio sessions – was turned around in record time to ensure the music was released during this unparalleled time in history. Highly appropriate for these times, it shows Coops as one of the stand out voices of his generation, hitting every nail on the head with this powerful release. Featuring singles such as Laws Of Nature and the chilling Bring The Fire, this album serves a poignant reminder that we are living in serious times.

01. Boom Biddy Bye

02. Factory Reared

03. Bring The Fire

04. Piss Poor

05. Laws Of Nature

06. Crimes Against Creation

07. Profile

08. End Times


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