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British beatsmith Crimson proudly presents his debut solo instrumental project in conjunction with IBMC’s. The title Descent not only refers to the lineage of ’90s Hip Hop, late 20th century Jazz and traditional World Music influences which are the hallmark of Crimson’s sound, but it also reflects the sense of melancholy felt throughout these instrumental soundscapes.

Limited tape edition. Also comes with a download code.

01. Algorhythmtro

02. Times Change

03. Spinal Chord

04. The Crimson skit

05. Neck Of The Woods

06. Toshiko

07. Lost In The Labyrinth

08. Eastern Sky

09. Change 1

10. Techne

11. Underwater

12. Interlude

13. Fork In The Road

14. Lunar Mission

15. Change 2

16. September Sunset

17. Shifting Sands

18. Neptune


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