Omus One

Desert Sands

Sika Records

The long awaited debut album from Folkstone’s own Omus One titled Desert Sands. A dark journey of an album crafted over time and with plenty of soul. Produced, mixed and mastered entirely by the mythical Bambu Hands and featuring Blah Records own Tony Broke, High Focus’s Cracker Jon and Manchester’s Dubbul O, as well as long time collaborator Lizard Flex. Comes in a sealed, full colour card wallet.

01. Stuck In The Treads (Pt. 2)

02. Infinite

03. Brittle Plastics

04. Passin’ Traffic

05. Huntress

06. Falling Apart (Original Cut)

07. Pusher Man

08. Lackin’ Function

09. Desert Sands ft. Cracker Jon

10. Cutters Choice

11. Trust A Bitch ft. Tony Broke

12. The Other Side

13. Field Doctors ft. Dubbul O & Lizard Flex

14. Trippin’ Over You


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