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Dilla: The Timeless Tribute

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This is Vice Beats’ full-length tribute to the legendary producer Jay Dee, entitled Dilla: The Timeless Tribute he utilises Miguel Atwood-Fergusson’s Mochilla tribute Suite For Ma Dukes as the foundation. Fourteen tracks full of harmonies that are connected to one of the greatest. Features come from the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Spain, Australia and Brazil, the likes of Greg Blackman, Audessey (of Soundsci), J-Dubble, Nutty P, Brotherman, Oracy, Sam Dyson, Distantstarr, Joe Publik, Jaz Kahina, Risskant, Summer Pearl, Audiosnax, Alfobetic, Joe Publik, Donnie Numeric, Shugs, Vince Martin, Lupo, Knuff, Toddla Emcee & Sayid The Zulu all feature. An incredible release right here, top marks all round, a very fitting tribute to one of the greatest.

A1. Daybreak (Intro) Ft. Greg Blackman & Audiosnax

A2. Reminisce Ft. Greg Blackman & Brotherman

A3. Hero + Villain Ft. J-Dubble, Thalassic & Sayid The Zulu

A4. Get On In Ft. Greg Blackman & Distantstarr

A5. That Love (Prelude) Ft. Thalassic & Vince Martin

A6. That Love Ft. Audessey (Soundsci), Greg Blackman & Knuff

A7. Play The Background Ft. Joe Publik, Donnie Numeric & Lupo

B1. Bring It Back Ft. Jaz Kahina & Nutty P

B2. Imagine Ft. Toddla Emcee, Shugs, Lupo & Sayid The Zulu

B3. Tapes Ft. Greg Blackman & Thalassic

B4. Seek (Co-Produced By Audiosnax) Ft. Oracy, Habitus, Hissani, 5stylez, Thalassic & Vince Martin

B6. Collector Of Things (Interlude) Ft. An Excerpt Of An Interview With Egon (By Vice Beats)

B6. Prosper Ft. Risskant, Summer Pearl, Alfobetic, Greg Blackman, Vince Martin & Sam Dyson


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