Dopamine Hit

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Chrome drives by with the boomin’ system, what an album, sure shockin’ bomb droppin’ dopeness. Not only packing a serious punch in the lyrics department, but knocking the beats clean out too, he damages the set and sound hands down. Guests onboard also include Andy Cooper, Uncle Mic Nitro, Kelz, Sure D, Sir Beans OBE, Stepasaur, Illinspired, Super JB, Ricky Lix & Buckers The Realist. A true skool Hip Hop album with it’s roots firmly planted in the four elements, feeding the need to deliver a straight up classic.

A1. Dopamine In

A2. No Idol ft. Uncle Mic Nitro

A3. Old Man Sport ft. Kelz & Sir Beans OBE

A4. Shockwave ft. Andy Cooper

A5. Dopamine Hit

A6. Cookin Up

A7. The Product (Sure D Remix)

B1. Dopamine Extra

B2. To The Maximum ft. Illinspired

B3. Less Is More ft. Stepasaur

B4. Pushing Buttons ft. Ricky Lix & Buckers The Realist

B5. A Reintroduction To Cuttin ft. Super JB

B6. Teach Me

B7. Dopamine Out


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