Dramatic Change Of Fortune

Ynr Productions

Cappo’s new album for YNR Productions steps away from his unique formula that most with be accustomed to and instead strips it right back to 808 snaps and snares, simple and stripped down beats which allow this veteran emcee and producer to explore a new period of personal progression and creative rejuvenation. Crafting a genre blurring soundscape of emotion and maturity within himself, he’s always been one to step outside the norm, and here he truly lays it down. One to grow on, press play and stay on.

01. Boozehawk

02. Bong Bong

03. Bout It

04. Ellelle

05. O.O.B.

06. Sex

07. Ether

08. Air

09. 15-10 ft. Juga-Naut

10. 15-11

11. North

12. Always

13. Calf

14. Vinter


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