DJ Vadim

Dubcatcher 2

Soulbeats Records

Vadim’s top ranking follow up to the Dubcatcher album finds yet another mix an’ blend of Hip Hop, Reggae, Ska & Soul flavour all combined inna fine style by Daddy Vad alongside a steller line up of vocalists and emcees, check it… Earl 16, Max Romeo, Courtney Melody, YT, Tippa Irie, Demolition Man, General Levy, Inja, Jman, Eva Lazarus, Serocee, Dynamite MC, Daddy Cookiz, Abstract Rude, Big Red, Pupa Jim, Taiwan MC, Ivan Lumkum, Pugs Atomz, Jimmy Screech, Black Seeds, Syross, Graziella Affinita, Govenor Tiggy, Katherin De Boer, Junior Williams, Tman, Frisky Don, Metropolis & Laville. Massive an’ large!

(Six panel digi-pack cd)

01. Fussin N Fighting ft. Demolition Man

02. Sometimes ft. Inja

03. Call On Me ft. Eva Lazarus & Serocee

04. Murder Murder ft. Earl 16, Jimmy Screech & Black Seeds

05. Judgement ft. Max Romeo, Abstract Rude & YT

06. Shine Ya Lite Ft. Syross & Graziella Affinita

07. Originator ft. Dynamite MC & Daddy Cookiz

08. Rubberdub Soljah ft. General Levy & Govenor Tiggy

09. Run Come Massive ft. Big Red & Katherin De Boer

10. Good Vibes ft. Jman, Tippa Irie & Inja

11. Hey Hey Hey ft. Graziella Affinita & Pugs Atomz

12. Music Soljah ft. Junior Williams, Taiwan MC & Syross

13. Favourite Mistakes ft. Ivan Lumkum & Pugs Atomz

14. Ruling Sound ft. Courtney Melody & Taiwan MC

15. Inner Lite ft. Big Red & Pupa Jim

16. They Don’t Love ft. Jman, Tman, Frisky Don, Metropolis, Inja, Graziella Affinia & Laville


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