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Ed Scissor + Lamplighter return with Joysville.

Written in the witching hour of lockdown one, Joysville represents a distinct shift in process from the duo. Ungoverned by the more meticulous considerations of the past, Joysville evolved freely from a small zip of instrumental sketches, before taking shape as a fully realised concept in the space of a short few weeks.

Ed Scissor’s signature storytelling, accompanied by Lamplighter’s sparse and spacious instrumentals, make Joysville their most personal and accomplished work to date.

Limited edition clear/red splattered vinyl. Very limited pressing of only 350 units.

a1. Nighttime

a2. The Bosky

a3. Too Long Too Long

b4. Plenty, Time

b5. R U Alone?

b6. Picture A Day

c7. Slo-Mo Twilight

c8. Been A Minute

c9. Ghosts Of Joysville

d10. Joysville

d11. One Year Later

d12. Valentines


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