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The B-Line general comes in hard with his debut solo album Eighty3, a no holds barred straight up true skool Hip Hop assault to the core. Not content with producing some down right disgusting beats for the long player, and laying down some killer cuts too, but he’s also drafted in a platoon of emcees both UK and Stateside to help the cause in effect. The likes of Chrome, Oxygen, Doozer, Project Cee, Whirlwind D, Rola, Sol Zalez, Uncle Mic Nitro, Jibberish, Junior Disprol, Alikazam & Cosm all get busy. Plus fellow cut chemists DJ Krash Slaughta, DJ Tones, DJ Jabbathakut and Miracle nice it up proper. Fully recommended.

(Black vinyl edition with full colour stickered & shrink wrapped cover, black and white inner sleeve, and free sticker)

A1. Eighty3 (Intro) ft. DJ Tones

A2. Fight Clean ft. Rola

A3. Dangerous ft. Sol Zalez & DJ Jabbathakut

A4. Dark ft. Whirlwind D & Miracle

A5. Specifikally Speaking (Skit) ft. Chrome

A6. Check The Design ft. Chrome & DJ Tones

A7. Mathematic Facts ft. Project Cee & DJ Jabbathakut

A8. King Of What ft. Alikazam, Uncle Mic Nitro, Cosm, Jibbarish & DJ Tones

B1. If You Dont Know ft. Uncle Mic Nitro

B2. The Ghost Of Authenticity ft. Doozer & DJ Jabbathakut

B3. The Right Hand Scratch (Skit)

B4. Eighty3 In My Head ft. Jibbarish

B5. I’m Jettin ft. Oxygen

B6. Shimano Vs Mongoose ft. Junior Disprol & DJ Krash Slaughta

B7. Action Speaks Louder ft. Project Cee & DJ Krash Slaughta

B8. In Rotation (Outro)


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