Mylo Stone & Percy Filth

End Of Level Boss Music

Eatgood Records

Percy Filth comes in hard on the production of this 7 track joint EP from Aerosolik Records & Eat Good Records, fully loaded with some hard knocking drums and killer synth action. Vocally you’re not only treated to Mylo Stone, yet a slew of special guests too – Split Prophets emcees Datkid, Res, Bil Next & Upfront. Four Owls’ BVA. Eat Goods’ Sonnyjim & Koysne. Numskullz’ Rola. Twizzy, Juice Aleem & Serocee, plus singer Eva Lazarus and DJ Rogue. Big ’bout ya!

01. Pitfalls (Intro)

02. Raise The Bar ft. BVA, Rola Roc, Eva Lazarus, Sonnyjim & DJ Rogue

03. Brukfoot ft. Res & Upfront (Split Prophets), Serocee & DJ Rogue

04. Military Precision ft. Datkid

05. Kang ft. Juice Aleem, Twizzy & Bil Next (Split Prophets)

06. Night Stalkers ft. Sonnyjim, Kosyne & DJ Rogue

07. End Of Level Boss Music ft. DJ Rogue


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