The Mouse Outfit

Escape Music


Manchester production team and live band The Mouse Outfit bring their debut album to the masses, an absolute corker of an album from the get go… A melting skankfest of Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae and Dub that forges the way for the skilled wordsmiths onboard to work their magic. Throughly entertaining and one of the most enjoyable listens in recent times.

01. Every Single Time ft. Dr Syntax

02. Shak Out ft. Sparkz

03. Sit Back ft. Truthos Mufasa & Black Josh

04. Escape Music ft. Dr Syntax, Sparkz & Kosyne

05. Who Gwan Test ft. Sparkz & Dubbul O

06. We Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere ft. Dr Syntax

07. Got Me Thinkin’ ft. Sparkz

08. Air Max ft. Black Josh

09. Stay With Me ft. Dr Syntax

10. Blaze It Up ft. Sparkz

11. Over The Rocks ft. Dr Syntax

12. Know My Face ft. Black Josh & Lyricalligraphy

13. Kickstart ft. Fox

14. It’s Gonna Be On ft. Dr Syntax & Sammy B-Side

15. The Shaman ft. Dr Syntax

16. Children Of The Stars ft. Sparkz & Dubbul O

17. Raise Your Hands ft. Dr Syntax & Sparkz

18. Built In A Day ft. Fox & Sparkz

19. Never Get Enough ft. Sparkz & Dubbul O


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