Fickle Affection EP

Yogocop Records
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Yogocop emcee/producer NuphZed brings the heat here, the Fickle Affection EP finds five tracks a side, the first is fully produced by NuphZed, smoothing the set and sound with some lovely warm keys and sharp crispy beats, whilst the flip delivers remixes from Psalm Trees, Allen Keys, Moose Dawa, Bo Bribery & Illiterate. It’s a healthy package my friends, loving the production all round, each side comes with it’s own take on Nuphzed’s focused flow.

A1. Motime

A2. Fickle Affection

A3. Phidgity Ft. Kemastry

A4. Similar Crew

A5. Nuphpiggy Ft. Harvs Le Toad

B1. Motime (Remix)

B2. Fickle Affection (Remix)

B3. Phidgity Ft. Kemastry (Remix)

B4. Similar Crew (Remix)

B5. Nuphpiggy Ft. Harvs Le Toad (Remix)


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