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UK Hip Hop regulars Lasagna Baghdad (Luca Brazi), Paolo Pumpernickel (Benny Diction) and Bald Daniels (MNSR Frites) combine forces as their alter-egos for an introspective take on getting older in rap and an appreciation for the finer things. Expect tales of borderline mid-life crises told over a background of fast cars and seafood. Featuring cuts by Jazz T, mixed and mastered by Chemo.

All delivered on a fresh flamingo pink vinyl pressing.

A1. Rusher

A2. Pontiac Le Mans

A3. The Dutch

A4. Dover Soul

A5. Tokyo Drift

B6. Flamingo

B7. Pork Knockers

B8. Flamingo (Chemo Remix)

B9. The Dutch (Chuck Enzo Remix)


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