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A brand new offering from DJ/Producer Jabbathakut right here, not only lacing the proceedings with his dope production, but some seriously ill cuts throughout too. Add to that a killer line up of emcees, and DJs, and you know it’s time to press the bomb button. Straight from the get go you can tell he lives and breathes Hip Hop and has a huge passion for the artform, and it’s fully on display right here. The guest list alone draws in some of the illest in the UK, heavy hitters such as Scorz, Wordsmiff, Emcee Killa, Manage and more, added to that are guests from overseas too, all bringing the flavour and complementing the set. Get busy, this is the real deal.

A1. Shameless & Wordsmiff – Is Hip-Hop In Your Heart?

A2. Senica Da Misfit ft. DJ Eb Kaito & Jabbathakut – Back On The Scene

A3. Emcee Killa (Caxton Press) – Let It Be

A4. Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling) – Back In The Boombap

A5. Jabbathakut ft. Ghostcut, DJ Grazzhoppa, DJ JS-1, P-Nuts, Jaydelarge, Manipulate & DJ Eb Kaito – Heavy Handz

A6. Scor-Zay-Zee – Idioms Of Life

B1. Manage (Caxton Press) & Menace Mendoza (D.S.O.T.M) – Sound Bible

B2. Spitfire – Look Into My Eyes

B3. Lord Baltimore – Inna Daze

B4. St.Ivan The Terrible (The Holy Comforter, The Prophet Of God) – It Gets Better

B5. Soloman Gehazi & D7 – I’m No Better

B6. Daneka – Sunset Soldiers


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