Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing

Finish What We Started

Village Live Records

Following the successful release of their 2017 single The Raw long time UK Hip Hop veterans Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing are back with their full-length album, Finish What We Started. Entirely produced by Mr Thing and featuring guest raps from Melanin 9, Joker Starr, Konny Kon & Essa (formerly known as Yungun).

Finish What We Started is a 13 track LP showcasing Things diversity as a producer and Parknsuns diversity as an MC, with an array of moods displayed across the album.

01. Started

02. Still At It

03. Certain For The Win

04. Interlude No.1

05. The Raw

06. 16 From The Gawd Ft. Joker Starr

07. Don’t You Care

08. Klingon Face Ft. Joker Starr

09. 8 Bricks Ft. M9

10. You’re The One

11. The Konny Kon Joint Ft. Konny Kon

12. Interlude No.2

13. I’M So Glad Ft. Essa

14. Still Struggling

15. The Epic


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