Micall Parknsun

First Second Time Around

Ynr Productions

Micall Parknsun’s second album, killing it on all levels, some straight up no nonsense rhymes that are talking sense and delivered with passion over outstanding beats from M-Phazes, Jehst, Apa-Yight, LG, Jaisu, Ghosttown and Micall himself. Also guest wise you’ll find Jehst, Dubbledge, Kashmere, Joker Starr, Kyza, Tiffany Paige and his son, Caleb.

01.First Second Time Around


03.Turn It Up

04.Holdin’ It Down

05.Come Again -Feat.Jehst

06.The Get Thru

07.Dis Iz Real -Feat.Caleb

08.Everyday -Feat.Tiffany Paige

09.Bang! -Feat.Jehst

10.The Good, Tha Bad And Da Dutty -Feat.Dubbledge & Joker Starr

11.Beatz N Rhymez

12.Still Here


14.Wordz From The King -Feat.Kyza (Skit)

15.So Far

16.Movementz -Feat.Jehst & Kashmere

17.All 4 Hip Hop



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