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Found Objects: Stolen Art EP Pt.2


Nottingham emcee and producer Juga-Naut gets busy with Found Objects the follow up to the Stolen Art EP. Taking you on a journey through the mind of Jugz and the music that moulded him. Delivering that unmistakeable flow and character, bombin’ the set with finesse on every level. Tracks 1, 3 & 8 are produced by Juga-Naut. All other tracks are classic heatrocks from the music gods.

(Comes in a full colour card sleeve)

01. Acrylic & Oil

02. History Verses Pt.1

03. In A Week

04. History Verses Pt.2

05. Suede Funk

06. Coffee & Croissants

07. History Verses Pt.3

08. Polo Bear

09. Spaceship Mortgage


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