Leaf Dog

From A Scarecrow's Perspective

High Focus Records

Opening up a can of whoop ass, High Focus Records deliver the debut album from The Three Amigos emcee/producer Leaf Dog aka Lord Balrog. A straight up murderous first outing on a full length tip right here, the majority of the beats onboard are crafted by Naive, with added heat from Ghost Town & Leaf himself, he kills it on the vocal tip too, rocking his unmistakable flow and fashion. Also joined by none other than Rampage (Flipmode Squad), Diamond D, Fliptrix, Verb T, BVA MC, Kid Genius & Assa.

01. Some People Say

02. Its All Me

03. The Stomp ft. Rampage & BVA MC

04. Hope

05. Stoned Broke And Single ft. BVA MC

06. Hide Your Eyes ft. Assa

07. All Alone ft. Fliptrix

08. Jump Jump

09. The Note I Left

10. Poor Mans Song Pt. 2

11. Sweet Thing

12. Before The Days ft. Diamond D & BVA MC

13. Walk With Me

14. When I Bust

15. Why I Do This ft. Kid Genius

16. Time And A Place ft. Verb T

+ Hidden Track


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