Da Flyy Hooligan

Fucc Ya Life Praise Mine 2

Gourmet Deluxxx

The flyest hooligan comes correct with his FYLPM II album right here, always out slicking the contenders and coming up trumps with a masterful display of lyrical powerness and production. The likes of Micall Parknsun, DJ Flash, Sonnyjim, Agor, Wavey Bagels, Ded Tebiase, NCL-TM, Camouflage Monk, Beressi and DJ Swab all lace the beats here, whilst cuts are sliced by DJ’s Evil Ed & Harms. Expect nothing short of freshness. The whole set is mixed and mastered by Sumgii, and includes four exclusive tracks for this limited edition CD pressing of only 25 copies.

01. Da Flyyest ft. Planet Asia

02. Pinrolls 2

03. Sauvage 2

04. Money In This Bitch ft. Montage One

05. Lebanon

06. Romero Bryan 2

07. Daniel Kaluuyah

08. Gold 420 (Wxxd Smoke 2)

09. Helly Hansen

10. Jaffa Cake

11. Lexus

12. Londinium Slicc

13. Tangerine

14. Monaco Boat Parties


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